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October 5, 2013


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Urgent news, especially for people who were bitching around about Delphox not using a wand anymore. still HAS A WAND!
A leaker just showed that! Unfortunately seems that it does it so fast that's hard to screenshot it :P
But there's the proof!

Apparently it hides it in it fuzzy arms! Oh little weasel you trolled the fandom!
Lol now I want to see the haters' argument now hehe!
Oh another bomb: that Delphox is female but the males look EXACTLY the same. We got a beautiful dress boy, haters gonna hate. =D
That's all!

Remember when the only official thing we got from Fennekin's final evolved form was just bad quality screenshots? Look what I got from a leaker :O

Now we can get a good look in it looks, it's so beautiful! :)
Well anyone who still dislikes it, now you have proper reasons for such. Everyone has different tastes lol!
That's all!


Old post: Chespin's analysis.

Finally we reached our analysis about the last starter, Chespin!
Despite all of this, lemme tell you not all the secrets about them were been unveiled so there's a big possibility new information will be revealed after the release of the games. In that case I may upgrade those entries so everyone will get access to them easily.

Anyway shall we begin?


Chespin, our chipmunk/hedgehog grassie, the first mammal for excellence from this category! Just that it's worth of a mention. Rodents like chipmunks make trees as homes and are very fond of nuts, so it's perfectly adequate Chespin to turn into a grass type.
Let's take a look to the cute green hood (hood, I say, I bet that doesn't come off but yeah know I had to give a name XD). So that comes the usual interpretation of Chespin being a hedgehog, despite both name and characteristics are more related to chipmunks. Well that's irrelevant, it's correct to mention both.
Hedgehog traits are there, those "anthems" in it hood are indeed spikes, which become pointy and sharp when it attacks, as well it's durable enough to protect it from impact.

Just like it fire and water cousins, Chespin was subject of long time speculation about it future forms. As Fennekin was thought to become psychic and Froakie to be fighting, the rodent was expected to be part dark type. However, just like the frog, Chespin had no known movepool that could prove that. It can learn Rollout, a rock type move, before level 11, but no dark type moves known that time. No real proof, you see.

Anyway, so turns up recently we learned Chespin's evolved form: Quilladin

Well. remember the ruckus about it. Most of the fandom deeply HATED it. And I'm going to be honest, I didn't like it neither. And I still don't. Or ever will. But whatever, it's a very very minor issue fortunately. Anyway, Chespin got some...rounded changes literally speaking but besides that, not too many changes. Few changes, yet very notable.
The hood around Chespin's head extends and now covers it body almost by entirely. Also it endures in such way that seems much more resistant than before evolving. Quilladin's body becomes in a ball shape, finding the impression of a nut shell or even a cocoon.
Personally I don't understand very well the concept behind this form, but just as said, perhaps this rounded shape is a coccon, in preparation for the final evolution, just like Pupitar into Tyranitar.
Also seems now it become like this, allows Quilladin to execute some moves easier like it Rollout. Also, revealed in the same day as it, Quilladin can learn Mud Shot. Well that's unusual for a non ground type to learn that, so some people started to think it will become part ground type. Well that was sorta unwanted because Torterra already took that spot.

But as we all know, Quilladin ended up to become something completely unexpected in everything.
As such, we finally met the final form: Chesnaught

Chesnaught by Xous54

So yeah, just like this illustration by :iconxous54: suggests, Quilladin changed on EVERYTHING! Or rather, became something that barely resemble the little rodent at all!
Which is amazing.
Anyway! In this form, Quilladin is no longer chubby, note it round shell that used to cover it body became a giant shield in it back! So that's what the evolution was building into. Makes sense! You can see the same characteristics spikes on it, as a proof.
So Chesnaught, is not longer chipmunk but a huge and bulky.....hum....I dunno if it's still a rodent but, anyway, hardcore.
It color base turned lighter, just it arms and tail maintained the green coverage as it had since ever. (we cannot see from here but I noticed from one of the latest leaks)
Chesnaught gained it secondary type, and just Greninja, no one expected it: Fighting type.
Well makes sense, it's based on a knight, and knights pretty much kick ass :P As such only Breelom and Virizion share that combination so it's a great gift!

Ah something I forgot to point before, for the first time since Grovyle, the Kalos Starters received signature moves right after fully evolving that no other mon can learn!
Delphox has Mystical Fire, Greninja has Water Shuriken and Chesnaught got Spiky Shield! Neato!

So where ends our analysis of the Kalos Starters! Once the games will be out, I will do the same for Xerneas, Yveltal and Z mon. Right now it's just too little!
Hope you enjoyed my review :)

About Froakie

So let's discuss about the water starter next: Froakie.

So well *caham* we got a frog this gen. As I can recall, it was the least favorited of the starters, but it was pretty privileged (and still is) in Japan. That was because japanese culture is...hum...sorta interested in frogs. Don't ask, but there's a lot of fictional stuff about them, they just love them :P
Anyway let's talk about it concept. As we can see, Froakie has an interesting mane of foam in the neck and back. Frogs are pretty much characterized by that but I rather not say exactly what, minors might reading this XD
From an anime teaser, seems that Froakie likes to uses that foam like pillow, mask and even throwing some like shurikens. Pretty ninja screaming right? Well with right.
That's pretty much because as Fennekin evo family is based on mages and Chespin on knights, Froakie's concept lies on rogues. As much Gamefreak wanted all starters to be based on European Medieval classes, the frog is pretty much similar to ninjas. But as some treats we can figure as resemblance of rogues are like gloves, as Froakie's white paws represents, the foam that can used as mask and it agility, very used to sneak around.

For a long time, the fandom speculated that Froakie would become a Water/Fighting type once it evolves for this same purpose. The rogue/ninja concept was pretty much hinted back then thanks to those traits.
But unlike Fennekin, the frog doesn't learn any moves from it supposed future secondary type. However it can learn Bounce and many people speculated it might become Water/Flying. Well that's sorta jumping into conclusions as even Rapidash can learn that XD

And so, around 3 weeks ago, we finally meet it evolved form: Frogadier.


Froakie surely changed a lot in this form, despite being still a pure water type! It little dark blue stripe in it nose extended and now covers most of it body, resembling pretty much a rogue's dark attire!
Besides it more flexible and longer body, it foam mane gets longer but seems that lost a good part of it. Despite suggestive, no one could guess that eventually that characteristic mane would be completely gone one day....

And as such, just few days ago we got the final form: Greninja!

Greninja by Xous54

As this artwork of :iconxous54: suggests, like many final evos of the starters, Greninja got a very drastic change in almost everything! As you can see, the foam mane is gone, replaced as a very long tongue being used as scarf.
Despite a biiiiiiiit gross, it's a creative use and the foam wouldn't work so well now. I'm sure Gamefreak had it in mind before to come to the final design before to decide in using the tongue instal.
Besides it changed so much that barely resembles a frog at all! However, for me, that's what makes it so special! To be blunt there's no much we could do for a frog besides as Frogadier did so the designers decided to turn the tables and give it a more flexible look!
So Greninja...the name says all. But yet, ninjas are a kind of rogues so despite everything, the frog doesn't run away from the concept! Ninjas are known to wear very long scarves but rogues and thieves do the same! Plus the dark colors on Greninja pretty much help it to keep sneaky and now, to give emphasis to it secondary type, dark.

That was one unexpected thing, Greninja turning Water/Dark. However it's a rare combination, sharing with Crawdaunt, Sharpedo and Carvanha! And very fitting too! What's the best typing for an outlaw class? Yep that's right!

Shadow Triad, you got yourselves a rival :P


About Fennekin:

Just exactly one week before the games will come out! I'm keeping my promise to not reveal more leaks but quite many were out in those past two days! However many secrets are yet to be unveiled and if you ask me, they won't be out before the worldwide release :P

Anyway I want to talk about a particular topic.
About Fennekin.

Remember back then in January when the games were first announced and the little fox got a big majority of the fandom's love? Yeah in that time we had no idea what sort of unique treats such cute furball would hide in it ears. For several months people feared and with right, it might be fated to become a fire/fighting type as Gamefreak stupidly insisted for three generations in a row. But that supposition finally died completely after this:

Fennekin is, for excellence, the first fire type pokemon to learn several and powerful psychic moves naturally.

Vulpix is the closest mon to get similar treats but it can learn only Extrasensory, a move which many others can obtain without being psychic type so it's not even near as Fennekin. Psyduck is sorta similar as well but again, not the same thing.
That was just the start of the secondary types speculation. I mean, how in the earth a pure fire pokemon can learn psychic, psybeam, psyshock and lucky chant? I mean those are just some of them which we know!
That was far too ESP for a little fox to learn without....being a psychic type later. Usually pokemons that evolve and gain a secondary type usually can only learn powerful moves of that new type after evolving.
Yet Fennekin was a natural since ever. Interesting, doesn't it?

We all speculated Fennekin would become fire/psychic once it would evolve. Then around 3 weeks ago we finally learn it evolved form: Braixen.

The first impression of many fans was shock. Nobody expected it to become bipedal at all. Braixen was even target of large hate in the first times but people quickly warmed up to it.
There came the first question: why the stick in it tail? Soon enough we learned Braixen uses a stick, interestingly one of it favorite snacks as Fennekin, as wand to cast fire and psychic moves. Also as unexpected, it remains as pure fire type, yet still able to keep learning several psychic moves.
Part of the fandom started to think that Braixen might be, perhaps part fairy type. This new type has a certain connection with psychic types and for the mid fox's obvious connection with witchcraft, it was possible.

Yeah right, that's how we knew Braixen is based on witches. Earlier, Gamefreak's directors stated the final evos of the starters are based on RPG medieval classes, as pretty much it indeed showed as much.

And so, the games started to leak because of a wild street selling in Italy and Canada. Some people got the games started to show their experience, though most of the times was very very trivial.

Until, around two days ago, Braixen's evolved form was finally revealed: Delphox.

The reaction was immediately heard and not for the best. Many many people hated it in the first sight. Big part of the fandom expected the final evo to be more witch looking or similar. It was pretty sad to hear. My first reaction wasn't much better, I'm going to confess. However, let's take in mind all we have, until now, it's just bad quality screenshots. It's enough to ruin a pokemon's appearance. I really say, people should save their thoughts until the official art or at least the games come out, which it's just a week time.

However many artists already picked the bad screenshot and drew Delphox by mimicking the official artstyle and came this accurate:

Delphox artwork by A-Pinnari

This picture was made by :icona-pinnari: an artist which is dedicated to this style of artwork. See the excellent job on the fox! Looks much better and beautiful don't you think? :)

Now what's behind Delphox's concept?
As we know, Fennekin started as a little and simple fennec that for some reason it could learn psychic moves. Then it evolved and drastically become a bipedal and taller version of it, able to cast moves with a stick, pretty much like a witch. And Delphox? Simply guys, the final form has EVERYTHING!
BTW the fandom bitched a lot for the lack of wand. But actually it still has it :P

Plus guys, a long time dream came true: it FINALLY become Fire/Psychic!
Fennekin and Braixen can be considered apprentices stages, unable to use their full potential and so the final form is what they become after so much training! Makes sense!

Oh about the dress. Lol, a dress.
Anyway it's a robe and *caham* basically every wizard uses one lol! But it's an excellent way to drop the whole dumb stereotype of girly witch that Braixen unfortunately is constantly screaming. I love the concept for that! For equality of gender!

That's all!
Hope this journal at least helped to give a special attention to our fire starter that stands it ground! No matter how many years charizard took to become a dragon XD
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kiriyubel Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
I want to play the game with Fennec as a starter, but for that I need to get the game. getting the game is not a problem! the problem is... for that I need to get a 3DS (XL)... yeah... not gonna happen soon...
SoftMonKeychains Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Well at least you have chances to get one
fullfolka Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
Since leaving the first images of delphox it was my choice. Now that I have the game I'm in love with this pokemon because of curiosity fennekin felt was a good female and be accompanied by one in my adventure ... XD. Then I realized that you get another initial pokemon ending the game what came to my mind to get the edition "X" and choose now to froakie because you chose to charizar and after finishing the game I will give back to this beautiful fennekin. I really like this game.....:happybounce: 
HerrDoktorMillennium Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually predicted this. I posted comments on here, and my friend posted some on YouTube that said Delphox probably either summoned its wand to attack, or pulled it out. 
KatePfeilschiefter Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm just not feeling any of the starters or their finals this time around. Maybe one will grow on me in time, but in the past I'd always found one I liked right off the bat. :/
gaaraXchik Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
DAMN it looks fierce in battle. *A* And it's PokeMon-Amie picture is adorabrruuu /melts.

I loved its design even without the stick/wand, because I figured it portrayed the common concept that experienced wizards and sorcerers don't need one to cast magic. But I agree that this new insight will get about half of the Delphox haters to calm their tits lol. Awesome entry~ :clap:
vampirekittenkiyo Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Student Writer
OMG! Delphox is cool. Now, I have a reason  to love it even more, but I'll admit that I had my doubts about the final evolution. Looking at it up close I know I'm choosing Fennekin as my starter. Delphox is beautiful.
James627 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
its not a DRESS!!!!! Tis a robe xD have you EVER seen a wizard? has ANYONE? :P
SoftMonKeychains Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I was just. Kidding!
I like robes on men
James627 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
i am  too ;)
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